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    Senyu WPC adheres to the "Quality First, Service First" philosophy, focus on the importance of corporate image. In order to meet economic integration, the company continued to increase investment in science and technology in order to enhance our competitiveness and look forward to greater development. We sincerely welcome customers to visit us and look forward to establish long-term cooperative relationship!

    Characteristics Of Senyu WPC Composites
    来源:Jiangsu Senyu New Material Co., Ltd.

    Wood-plastic composite materials in some occasions called WPC, in many foreign information known as the Wood Plastic Composite, referred to as WPC. Wood-plastic composite material is made of plastic and wood fiber (or rice husk, wheat straw, corn stalks, peanut shells and other natural fibers) by adding a small amount of chemical additives and fillers, through special mixing equipment processing made of a composite material. It combines the main characteristics of plastic and wood, can be in many occasions, alternative to plastic and wood, which is a serious shortage of timber resources in China, has a significant development value.


    Wood-plastic composite features: durable, long life, the appearance of wood, plastic products, high hardness, good rigidity; Has excellent physical properties, better than the dimensional stability of wood, does not produce cracks, warping, non-wood knots, twill, coated or composite surface layer made of brilliant products such as the appearance of the process; With the processing of thermoplastic, easy to promote the use of; There are secondary processing of wood: can be sawed, planed, bonded, fixed with a nail or screw, and easy to repair; Not afraid of moth-eaten, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, moisture absorption will not deformation; Can be reused and recycled, but also biodegradable, environmentally friendly. My company specializes in a variety of wood products, the profile is 50% wood fiber and 50% of the PE compound modified by the use of high-temperature high-pressure twin-screw extruder extrusion molding. This product by polymer modification technology, has the following characteristics:


    1. The use of high-tech technology, the use of waste plastics and plants Jiegan, through the high temperature compression into the wood-plastic composite materials, is a typical environmentally friendly products

    2. This material is only 0.2% water absorption, water resistance, not mildew, corrosion resistance, anti- moth -eaten, chemical stability, high hardness.

    3.This material is strong in texture, high in surface hardness, easy to wear, can produce different  colors  according to need, good anti-aging performance, long service life, is outdoor decoration garden, landscape design, garden, floor, landscape chair, guardrail production Preferred material.

    4. Can be used in the logistics process of packaging, is the production of crates, trays ideal material.

    5. Specifications and shapes can be manufactured separately according to the user.