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    Senyu WPC adheres to the "Quality First, Service First" philosophy, focus on the importance of corporate image. In order to meet economic integration, the company continued to increase investment in science and technology in order to enhance our competitiveness and look forward to greater development. We sincerely welcome customers to visit us and look forward to establish long-term cooperative relationship!

    Don't be shocked! Light steel villas are really more economical than traditional buildings!

    With the popularity of light steel structure houses in China, many people have begun to shift their vision from quality to cost. Let's take a look at the comprehensive cost of light steel structure houses.

    1.Ground Cost

    We know that more heavier of the building,more higher requirements for the foundation.Because all materials are light materials, Jiangsu Senyu light steel structure houses are light weight, only 1/5 of the brick-concrete structure and 1/6 of the steel-concrete structure. Therefore, the strip foundation can be used, which greatly reduces ground cost.Double-layer light steel structure houses are dug 400mm-600mm deep below the ground.It is sufficient to set a structural ring beam of 240mm-300mm height above the ground.In some mountains, hills, desert areas, light steel structures do not require special foundation treatment.The base cost of a light steel villa of the same area is approximately one-third that of a brick-concrete structure.

    2. Construction Costs

    Jiangsu Senyu's light steel structure building construction is highly industrialized and fast.Construction period is shortened by more than half compared with brick and concrete houses.The construction of light steel structure houses is less affected by weather and seasons, and can be carried out under various climatic conditions to achieve uninterrupted construction throughout the year and reduce the cost of on-site transportation and hoisting.

    3. Area Of Use

    The area utilization rate of brick-concrete houses is generally around 75%, while the usage rate of light-steel structure houses in Jiangsu Senyu is as high as over 90%.

    4.Later Period Maintenance Cost

    Exterior wall decoration and insulation:The wall insulation and sound insulation effect of the 12cm wall of Jiangsu Senyu light steel structure house is equivalent to the thermal insulation and sound insulation effect of 1m thick brick and concrete house.After the brick-concrete houses are built, in order to better the appearance and heat preservation effect, it is necessary to additionally make external decoration and external wall insulation.The light steel structure houses are in place at one time, and no secondary expenses.

    5. Time Cost

    Fast-paced modern life, time is money, time cost cannot be estimated!All the green building materials of the light steel villa are modularized and produced in one-stop distribution.

    6. Cost Of Use

    The anti-seismic, sound-insulating, moisture-proof and heat-insulating properties of Jiangsu Senyu's light steel structure houses are much better than brick-and-mortar houses. The house itself has a constant temperature and humidity regulation function, and the energy-saving standard reaches 65% of the national green standard. The cost of air conditioning and heating during use will be greatly reduced.

    7. Health Costs

    In fact, many people do not know that the red bricks we use are very harmful to the human body.Jiangsu Senyu Light Steel Villa adopts green and environmentally-friendly new building materials, zero formaldehyde and zero radiation. The wall has independent breathing function and does not need to install fresh air system. It is very comfortable in winter and cool in summer.


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