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    Senyu WPC adheres to the "Quality First, Service First" philosophy, focus on the importance of corporate image. In order to meet economic integration, the company continued to increase investment in science and technology in order to enhance our competitiveness and look forward to greater development. We sincerely welcome customers to visit us and look forward to establish long-term cooperative relationship!

    WPC Art Appreciation

    WPC material as a product of green building materials that have developed rapidly in recent years, gradually came into the people's field of view. Today we are going to take a look at the architectural vision feasts brought by wood plastic products.


    In interior decoration, the use of wood plastic material gradually become fashion, wood plastic materials indoor metope adornment (figure 1, figure 2), integration ceiling decoration (figure 3) is not only conducive to environmental protection and more beautiful and easy, form a revolution in decoration industry.


    National stadium peripheral pro level table (figure 4), the Shanghai world expo China pavilion outside new kyushu thoroughfare alley davos BBS (figure 5), dalian binhai platform (figure 6), Beijing APEC main channel (figure 7) and other large venues also extensive use of wood plastic materials. These buildings not only to fully demonstrate the wood-plastics material moisture resistance to water and other excellent properties, more combining Chinese traditional philosophy and architectural aesthetics, give a person find everything new and fresh feeling.