Why Choose Senyu?

Versatile – Just about anything you can imagine can be built in Senyu. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Curvable and coatable for creative designs and finishes.

More like exotic wood – Constructed of a uniform material (no plastic outer layer, glues or solvents), Senyu products have the softness, warmth and beauty of natural hardwood throughout, with the subtle color variations found in real wood.

More UV resistance and weatherability – Uniform fusion of the wood and polypropylene before extrusion ensure that each board retains its mechanical properties indefinitely; Senyu WPC  will not weather, split, splinter or warp.

Colorfast — Pigments and anti-UV agents impregnated during manufacturing protect Xidwood from discoloration.

Low maintenance –Senyu WPC is easy to clean with soap and water; stubborn stains can be removed with light sanding.

Smaller carbon footprint –Senyu WPC is made from scrap wood and post-consumer polypropylene, and is itself recyclable. As a result, it has a smaller carbon footprint than natural hardwoods and composites made from virgin plastics.