Steel Bridge Project

This project started in November 2015, was completed in December (considering of local lowest temperatures at minus 20 degrees centigrade, we did a lot of massive testing which was below minus 40 degrees centigrade, the results shown that the product can be definitely adapted to the local weather). Three bridges, each of them was 14M long with width 2.2M, railing length is 84M, flooring was 92 square meters. We used nail-free way to install the railing by stainless steel connections, nonescrews and nails were visible, all customized with high-strength stainless steel connectors, safe and beautiful. Flooring type is hollow 6 holes, using micro-seam stainless steel clip to minimize the joint, it is no rusting, and greatly extended the service life. According to customer requirements, the side of the bridge was also installed by WPC wall panel. WPC made the steel bridge lost its metal texture but added with a retro elements.




来源:Jiangsu Senyu New Material Co., Ltd.